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Dubai is a city of 3.3 million inhabitants city located in the United Arab Emirates.


World-famous for its extravagance, luxury and inviting lifestyle. In less than two decades, Dubai has managed to position itself as a regional hub for both residents and tourists.


With excellent infrastructure, unparalleled quality of life, safety and connectivity to the world, Dubai is a dream destination for many expats. The city is renown for tourism, shopping, golf, but also commerce and real estate.


Dubai will be hosting the World Expo, marking itself as a pioneer in the Middle East, but this is nothing unusual for the glorious city with a habit of breaking world records and setting regional standards, Dubai is the ideal place to be.



Dubai has set an example of how to handle the COVID-19 outbreak. The UAE authorities were clear and transparent with their public communication when battling COVID-19. They have taken immediate action with a short yet efficient lockdown period, a national sterilization programme, and a free vaccination drive for all residents. Dubai has set itself apart with its government's agile and laser-focused approach to eradicate the virus and ensure that its economy remains stable.

0% Tax

Dubai is a tax-free city. All incomes, including rent revenues or capital gains (in the event of a resale) are non-taxable. The very same applies to yearly property taxes and VAT, absent for real estate transactions

8% R.O.I

With no rent cap, the city offers higher rental returns than many other mature real estate markets. With our expertise, investors can achieve rental returns of between 7% and 9%.

100% Ownership

From a real estate perspective, investing is a good way to create wealth and income. At the acquisition, the Government of Dubai issues a title deed under your name(s), making your asset safe for you and future generations.


On average, a property in Dubai is twice bigger than a similar unit in Paris. For example, it is quite common to find a 40 sqm Studio apartment.


Though units are bigger, they are on average also four times less expensive than a similar unit in Paris which makes it a fantastic value for money.

Safe Returns

Wether you opt for a guaranteed returns scheme from a developer or decide to source the tenant yourself, rents are paid through cheques (post dated), usually a quarter in advance. The legislation is tough on payment defaults which forces tenants to pay their rent on time to avoid eviction or legal pursuit.


Each residence provides at least a 24/7 security and concierge service, state of the art gymnasium and a swimming pool. New developments sometimes offer additional amenities such as tennis or squash court, resident lounge, co-working space, kids play area or even valet parking and house keeping.

Residence Visa

In full confidentiality and for any successful transaction of at least one-bedroom apartment for at least AED 1,000,000/- (EUR 220,000/-) a 2-year (renewable) residence visa will be provided to you and your close family.

Bank Account

With your last 6 month bank statements and your passport, you can open a saving account in a local bank. This will grant you access to online banking as well as the possibility to request manager cheques. The residence visa will grant you a regular account.

Safety & Comfort

Dubai is extremely safe with a very low crime rate, making it an ideal place for families and wealthy people and has a very pleasant climate throughout the year with only 3 months of hot summer.

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